US Army Veteran Launches Revolutionary Digital Bank for Military Personnel

Roger, a newly launched digital bank, specifically caters to US military personnel and is endorsed by Citizens Bank of Edmond.

About Roger
Roger is a cutting-edge digital bank in the US, primarily focusing on the needs of fresh military inductees.

The bank’s inception has been a long-time vision, and its primary objective is to assist the recent entrants of the US military. Roger offers them a state-of-the-art digital banking experience combined with bespoke financial educational materials tailored for their unique requirements.

The driving force behind Roger is Jill Castilla, a seasoned US army veteran. For the past 14 years, she has been at the helm of Citizens Bank of Edmond, holding the titles of president and CEO.

Reflecting on her journey, Castilla mentions in a LinkedIn article, “At the time of my enlistment, there was no bank catered to my profile. Three decades on, I’m surprised to see little has evolved in this space.”

Emphasizing Roger’s dedication, she states that it is not just a bank conceived for enlistment day, but it’s also refined for every service member, veteran, their kin, and all who stand by them.

For those serving in the US military, Roger offers a swift mobile application process to open an FDIC-secured account. The bank provides an array of features such as early salary access, in-depth expenditure analysis, specialized savings compartments, automated savings contributions, and an accompanying Visa debit card.

In bringing this platform to life, Roger collaborated with Nymbus, a notable banking tech solutions firm. Nymbus played a pivotal role in shaping Roger’s identity, market entry tactics, and will continue aiding in its marketing and expansion endeavors.

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