Indian Actor Sunny Deol’s Juhu Estate Faces Bank Auction

The Bank of Baroda is gearing up to put Indian actor Sunny Deol’s Juhu estate on the block, aiming to retrieve a sum of Rs. 56 crore. A public auction announcement, coming just a week after the premiere of Deol’s film “Gadar 2,” cites Ajay Singh Deol (popularly known as Sunny Deol and a parliamentarian) as the primary debtor and guarantor. His family members, brother Bobby and father Dharmendra, are also listed as backing guarantors.

The virtual auction date is fixed for 25 September, with interested parties required to lodge their offers by 5 pm on 22 September. The base price for this sale is set at ₹51.43 crore. The announcement highlights that the involved parties, be it borrowers or guarantors, can secure the assets by settling all pending payments and charges before the final sale proceeds.

The property in question encompasses land identified as survey no.41, hissa no.5 (pt) CTS no. 173 located in Juhu’s Andheri subdivision, Mumbai. This land, spanning 599.44 square meters, supports a structure named Sunny Villa on Gandhigram Road.

An individual with close ties to the Deol clan, requesting anonymity, mentioned that this estate has been on the market for a while, but prospective buyers haven’t met the desired price. This individual speculated that the bank’s auction move might be tied to Deol’s current prominence post the success of “Gadar 2”. They further clarified that Deol doesn’t hold any stake in the movie and has been compensated for his role. “Given the film’s success, he might receive a bonus, but that’s negligible compared to what’s owed to the bank. They might need to offload some assets, or Deol might have to commit to more movie roles to secure advance fees if they wish to prevent the property’s auction,” the source added.

Should the sale proceed, the new owner will acquire symbolic ownership initially. Actual possession would necessitate district magistrate approval. Until then, the Deol family has the liberty to use Sunny Villa for their ventures.

As of the latest update, neither Deol’s consultant nor the Bank of Baroda’s representative responded to the press’s email queries.

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