PayPal allows customers to send money directly to Ukraine through PayPal

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By TBN Staff

PayPal announced Thursday that users will be able send money to PayPal now,
Both Ukrainians in war-ravaged Ukraine and those who are now refugees
All across Europe. People in Ukraine used to be unable to access the internet.

Payments platform for sending money out of the country They will be able to send money out of the country now.
To receive funds and make transfers inside Ukraine as well as abroad.

This is the latest move by banks and financial service companies
We are looking for ways to assist the Ukrainians affected by Russia’s invasion. PayPal
Last week, Americans cut off Russia’s services.

Ukraine supporters and others have been searching for financial opportunities.
Support Ukrainian refugees and those who are still living in Ukraine. People
You have either booked Airbnbs in Kyiv, or sent cryptocurrencies to Ukrainians. Money
Transfer companies such as MoneyGram or Western Union have experienced surges in their business.
As people search for ways to send money in their own country, there is a rising demand