Online Scam worth Rs.3700 Crore by

The Special Task Force of Uttar Pradesh has red handed caught the online fraud company “” which was operated by its director Anubhav Mittal and his two companions – Shridhar Prasad and Mahesh Dayal who are arrested by UP Police. The company be-fooled over 7 lac people and accumulated Rs.3700 crores.

“SocialTrade.Biz” was a website developed in 2015 and registered as ‘Ablaze Info Solutions Pvt Ltd.’ located at 3W Digital Private Limited building in sector 63 Noida.

They had claimed 4 different packages for the investors starting from Rs.5750 to Rs.57500. Once the investors paid money to them, they used to ask investors to like few pages and click on the links sent to them.

The company told investors that they get Rs.6 for every click and they return Rs.5 to them. Hence it flourished and seemed like an easy money making tactic for both the company and the investors. The sunshine all around proved costly to the members of and under this ponzi scheme 7 lac people had to face the dire consequences.

The main plotter of the group, Anubhav Mittal is graduated with a degree from Ghaziabad. The other two culprits – Shridhar Prasad is from Visakhapatnam and Mahesh Dayal is from Mathura, UP.

All three of these are arrested by Special Task Force of UP Police. They took instant action against them when people filed complaints against the company at Greater Noida police station and Noida Phase 3 police station.

Beware of such Scams! Remember: All that glitters is not the Gold.

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