MoonPay Ventures: Nurturing the Next Wave of Web3 Innovators

MoonPay Ventures is geared towards supporting fledgling businesses that aim to pioneer Web3 technologies and bring universal significance through the technology’s broader implementation. The division has already initiated investments in a variety of enterprises, including but not limited to BCB Group, Absolute Labs, and BridgeTower Capital.

By tapping into MoonPay’s extensive expertise and resources, this new investment arm aspires to furnish its selected companies with first-rate talent, groundbreaking concepts, scalable business models, and strategic roadmaps in the Web3 domain.

Besides monetary backing, the startups can anticipate receiving guidance and the opportunity to connect with MoonPay’s extensive partnership network, covering a range of participants from Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchains to digital trading platforms and crypto wallets.

Commenting on the venture, MoonPay’s CEO and co-founder Ivan Soto-Wright shared, “As our operations at MoonPay expand, we’re equally dedicated to elevating key performers in our network to push for mass acceptance of Web3 technologies.

“Unveiling MoonPay Ventures solidifies our commitment to this aim and lets us use our existing resources to bolster the growth of our investment companies, contributing to the Web3 sector at large.”

Functioning as a segment of MoonPay’s overall corporate strategy, the leadership of MoonPay Ventures will be in the hands of Abhay Mavalankar. He brings a decade of seasoned expertise in investment management and venture capital, having held roles at respected firms such as Morgan Stanley, Centerview, and Cisco Investments.

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