Bank Strike

Bank strike Call on 28th and 29th March across the nation

Bank Strike: To protest against the alarming rate in the increase of anti-people, anti-worker, anti-farmer policies taken by the government, the entire working class of our country has come forward willingly to put forward their care and concern at the Central level. The call taken by the joint platform of central trade unions and independent federations/associations is of great significance. As per the central committee’s decision, the unions and federations have appreciated the call. They also decided to participate in the general strike in full swing. Millions of workers in the country will also accompany them.

“Issues such as a sudden hike in price during the pandemic, lowering labor days under MGNREGS, lack of funding in the public sector, and the financial crisis have made lifestyle hard for employees. The Union government is not ready to comply with the Supreme Court order to launch PF pension arrears,” said INTUC state president R Chandrasekharan in a press release here on Tuesday.

In recent years, the gap between the rich and the poor has increased at a much faster rate. It is alarming because it forces us to compromise against the country’s core principles of democracy, secularism, and socialism to remain a sovereign republic. The main reasons for the strike are:

The government is all set in booming the corporations instead of pursuing economic policies which can empower the poor, thus reducing disparity.

The trampling of the labor laws with the suit to exploit the needs of the employers. The hard-won rights of the working class are no longer being prioritized, along with them being ridiculed as ‘Andolan Jeeves.’

The privatization of the general public sector and disinvestment and monetization can result in the country’s economic stability being dismantled. To cite an example – the government authorities have been making plans to sell the BPCL unit in Kochi for Rs 60,000 crore, although it has been generating a profit of Rs. 7,000 annually. The unit has a total of worthy belongings accounting for Rs. 20 lakh crore.

According to the central committee of AIBEA, it’s high time to have called for the strike to protest against these retrograde policies because the corporations are already influencing the economic policies of the government towards enhancing their benefit. The following will pacify the direction of motion towards worsening the situation. To make this strike a massive success, it’s the patriotic duty of the citizens of India to consider the same as a crucial task to fight for themselves and defend the rights of the working class.

Earlier, the two-day strike was planned for February 23 and 24. But keep in mind the third wave of the pandemic and state assembly polls to be conducted across five different states, the nationwide strike has been deferred to March 28 and 29.

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